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How to remove fringes around stars

This is a very quick how-to for removing those annoying fringes around your bright stars.

I'm sure there are many methods out there, and probably some that may do an even better job than my method.

With that being said.... mine works great for me and only takes a couple of seconds in Lightroom, which is one of my go-to programs for processing images.

Depending on the lens you use, you may come across fringes (chromatic aberrations) around your brighter stars.

As you can see in the image to the left, around the bright star there is some pretty apparent fringing.  This image is blown up 8:1, but believe me, you can see it quite easily even in the 1:1 image.

I'm currently using Adobe Lightroom 5.  There are newer versions out there but for now I'm quite happy with my current version.

in the options (on the right) you will see the "Lens Correction" portion.  This is the section that we will be concerning ourselves with for the purposes of defringing.

You will also want to click on the "Enable Profile Corrections".  If Lightroom has your lens profile it will help correct any distortion present.

The next step is to address the fringe around that star.

If you click on the "Color" tab in "Lens Corrections" you will see a box labeled "Remove Chromatic Aberration".  I always make a point to make sure that this box is "checked".

Here is the step where there are a couple of ways to do the job.  Many people will experiment with the sliders to see what gives them the best result.  You may prefer this method or you may just want to use the sample tool.

Note the "Dropper" that I've circled in red.  This is usually the quickest way to deal with that nasty fringe.  Click on  that dropper and basically "sample" the color from the edge of the star that you want to remove.

As you can see with the image on the left, I've taken the sample tool and put it over the purple fringe.  The little box is what you will see when you do this.  It allows you to better target the color.  All of those little squares are pixels, so as you can see, it allows you to be pretty accurate.

The image on the left is what is left after I've clicked on the fringe.  ** you can try clicking multiple times to get different results**

That's all it takes to remove those nasty fringes!Hopefully I've given you a tip that makes your night shots more appealing.

Let me know your thoughts.

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